Package org.zkoss.web.servlet.dsp

Dynamic Servlet Page (DSP).


Interface Summary
DspContext The context used with Interpreter.interpret(org.zkoss.web.servlet.dsp.DspContext, java.lang.String, java.lang.String, org.zkoss.xel.XelContext).
Interpretation Defines an interpretation of a DSP page.

Class Summary
DspException.Aide Utilities.
ExtendletDspContext Extendlet-based DSP context.
Interpreter The interpreter of the DSP file.
InterpreterServlet The servlet used to interpret the DSP file (Potix Dynamic Script Page).
ServletDspContext A DSP context based on HTTP servlet request and response.

Exception Summary
DspException Represents a DSP exception.

Package org.zkoss.web.servlet.dsp Description

Dynamic Servlet Page (DSP). DSP is similar to JSP, but it is interpreted dynamically without compiling.

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