Package org.zkoss.web.util.resource

Utilities to access Web resources.


Interface Summary
Extendlet A plugin of ClassWebResource to process particular content.
ExtendletConfig The configuration information used to initialize an Extendlet (a.k.a., a resource processor).
ExtendletContext This interface defines an extended context that Servlets.getRequestDispatcher(javax.servlet.ServletContext, javax.servlet.ServletRequest, java.lang.String, java.util.Map, int) will try to resolve.
Filter A filter is an object that performs filtering task on a request to Extendlet.
FilterChain A FilterChain is an object provided by ZK to the developer giving a view into the invocation chain of a filtered request.
FilterConfig A filter configuration object used by a servlet container to pass information to a filter during initialization.

Class Summary
ClassWebResource Used to access resources located in class path and under /web.
DspExtendlet The DSP resource processor (Extendlet) used to parse DSP files loaded from the classpath.
ExtendletLoader<V> A skeletal implementation of the loader used to implement an extendlet.
ResourceCache<V> Used to cache Servlet resources.
ResourceCaches Utilities to load (and parse) the Servlet resource.
ResourceLoader<V> A semi-implemented loader to used with ResourceCaches.get(org.zkoss.web.util.resource.ResourceCache, javax.servlet.ServletContext, java.lang.String, java.lang.Object) to retrieve servlet resources.
ServletContextLocator Locator based on ServletContext.
ServletLabelLocator Used by Labels to load labels from a servlet context.
ServletRequestResolver Used to resolve the variables defined in the request (such as DSP context and ZK's execution).

Package org.zkoss.web.util.resource Description

Utilities to access Web resources.

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