Uses of Interface

Packages that use ExpressionX
org.zkoss.bind.impl Core Implementation for ZK Bind 
org.zkoss.bind.sys System level classes for ZK Bind 
org.zkoss.bind.xel XEL for ZK Bind 
org.zkoss.xel.zel This implementation is based on ZEL 2.2 (Similar to EL 2.2). 

Uses of ExpressionX in org.zkoss.bind.impl

Fields in org.zkoss.bind.impl declared as ExpressionX
protected  ExpressionX PropertyBindingImpl._fieldExpr

Methods in org.zkoss.bind.impl that return ExpressionX
protected  ExpressionX FormBindingImpl.getBaseExpression(BindEvaluatorX eval)
 ExpressionX CommandBindingImpl.getCommand()
protected  ExpressionX FormBindingImpl.getFieldExpression(BindEvaluatorX eval, java.lang.String field)
protected  ExpressionX FormBindingImpl.getFormExpression(BindEvaluatorX eval, java.lang.String field)
 ExpressionX AccessInfo.getProperty()
 ExpressionX BindEvaluatorXImpl.parseExpressionX(BindContext ctx, java.lang.String expression, java.lang.Class<?> expectedType)

Methods in org.zkoss.bind.impl with parameters of type ExpressionX
static java.lang.String BindEvaluatorXUtil.getExpressionString(ExpressionX expr)
 java.lang.Class<?> BindEvaluatorXImpl.getType(BindContext ctx, Component comp, ExpressionX expression)
 java.lang.Object BindEvaluatorXImpl.getValue(BindContext ctx, Component comp, ExpressionX expression)
 ValueReference BindEvaluatorXImpl.getValueReference(BindContext ctx, Component comp, ExpressionX expression)
 boolean BindEvaluatorXImpl.isReadOnly(BindContext ctx, Component comp, ExpressionX expression)
 void BindEvaluatorXImpl.setValue(BindContext ctx, Component comp, ExpressionX expression, java.lang.Object value)

Constructors in org.zkoss.bind.impl with parameters of type ExpressionX
AccessInfo(ExpressionX property, ConditionType type, java.lang.String command)

Uses of ExpressionX in org.zkoss.bind.sys

Methods in org.zkoss.bind.sys that return ExpressionX
 ExpressionX BindEvaluatorX.parseExpressionX(BindContext ctx, java.lang.String expression, java.lang.Class<?> expectedType)
          Prepares the expressionX.

Methods in org.zkoss.bind.sys with parameters of type ExpressionX
 java.lang.Class<?> BindEvaluatorX.getType(BindContext ctx, Component comp, ExpressionX expression)
          Returns the result type of the specified expression.
 java.lang.Object BindEvaluatorX.getValue(BindContext ctx, Component comp, ExpressionX expression)
          Sets the specified value to the property resolved from the specified expression.
 ValueReference BindEvaluatorX.getValueReference(BindContext ctx, Component comp, ExpressionX expression)
          Returns the result reference of the specified expression.
 boolean BindEvaluatorX.isReadOnly(BindContext ctx, Component comp, ExpressionX expression)
          Returns whether the specified expression a read only expression.
 void BindEvaluatorX.setValue(BindContext ctx, Component comp, ExpressionX expression, java.lang.Object value)
          Sets the specified value to the property resolved from the specified expression.

Uses of ExpressionX in org.zkoss.bind.xel

Classes in org.zkoss.bind.xel that implement ExpressionX
 class BindXelExpression

Uses of ExpressionX in org.zkoss.xel.zel

Classes in org.zkoss.xel.zel that implement ExpressionX
 class ELXelExpression
          An XEL Expression that is based on ZEL ValueExpression.

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