HTTP related classes used to do asynchronous updates.


Interface Summary
AuExtension An AU service is a small Java program that can be plugged into DHtmlUpdateServlet to extend its functionality.
AuExtensionRequest Represents a request for an AU extension (AuExtension).

Class Summary
AuDropUploader The AU extension to upload files with HTML5 feature.
AuDynaMediar The AU processor used to response the content for DynamicMedia.getMedia(java.lang.String)
AuRedirect The AU processor to handle the HTTP redirect via status 302.
AuUploader The AU extension to upload files.
DHtmlUpdateServlet Used to receive command from the server and send result back to client.
HttpAuWriter The writer used to write the output back to the client.
UploadInfoService Extends desktop to handle the request of the upload information and post events if the upload is completed.
UploadInfoService.DesktopInit Registers the upload info service when

Package Description

HTTP related classes used to do asynchronous updates.

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