Interface Deferrable

public interface Deferrable

Used to decorate EventListener to denote whether the event for the listener can be deferred.

By default (without implementing Deferrable), the event is sent to the server immediately when it is triggered at the client.

To make a listener deferrable, you have to implement Deferrable and return true for isDeferrable(). Then, the event won't be sent until another non-deferrable event is about to send to the server.

The deferrable events are used to improve the performance by minimizing the traffic between the clients and the server. It is usually used for event listeners that maintains the application states, rather than generating visual responses.

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Method Summary
 boolean isDeferrable()
          Returns whether the event can be deferred for this listener.

Method Detail


boolean isDeferrable()
Returns whether the event can be deferred for this listener. If false is returned, it is the same as not implementing this interface at all.

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