Interface RawId

All Known Implementing Classes:
A, Abbr, AbstractTag, Acronym, Address, Area, B, Base, Big, Blockquote, Body, Br, Button, Caption, Center, Cite, Code, Col, Colgroup, ContentTag, Dd, Del, Dfn, Dir, Div, Dl, Dt, Em, Embed, Fieldset, Font, Form, H1, H2, H3, H4, Head, Hr, Html, I, Iframe, Img, Input, Ins, Isindex, Kbd, Label, Legend, Li, Link, Map, Menu, Meta, Nobr, Object, Ol, Optgroup, Option, P, Pre, Q, Raw, S, Samp, Script, Select, Small, Span, Strong, Style, Sub, Sup, Table, Tbody, Td, Text, Textarea, Tfoot, Th, Thead, Title, Tr, Tt, Ul, Var

public interface RawId

Decorates Component to denote that the UUID (Component.getUuid() must be the same as the ID (Component.getId()), if the application assigns an ID for it. Thus, if org.zkoss.zk.ui.Component#setId} is called, both UUID and ID are changed.


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