Interface DynamicMedia

All Known Implementing Classes:
Audio.ExtraCtrl, Iframe.ExtraCtrl, Image.ExtraCtrl, Jasperreport.ExtraCtrl, LabelImageElement.ExtraCtrl

public interface DynamicMedia

Implemented by the object returned by ComponentCtrl.getExtraCtrl(), if a component might have viewable parts other than HTML (WML, XAML or any client language). A typical example is an image and an audio.

How it works:

  1. DynamicMedia component first invoke Desktop.getDynamicMediaURI(org.zkoss.zk.ui.Component, java.lang.String) to retrieve a URI and generate proper HTML (or any client language).
  2. Then, client will send a request to the URI
  3. DHtmlUpdateServlet interprets it and call getMedia(java.lang.String) to retrieve the media and return it the client


Method Summary
 Media getMedia(java.lang.String pathInfo)
          Retrieve the view in Media format.

Method Detail


Media getMedia(java.lang.String pathInfo)
Retrieve the view in Media format.

Unlike other methods, you cannot post event, create, remove, invalidate or do any smart updates in this method. In other words, READ ONLY.

pathInfo - the extra info passed to DHtmlUpdateServlet. It is what you passed to Desktop.getDynamicMediaURI(org.zkoss.zk.ui.Component, java.lang.String). It is never null. It must start with "/" or be empty.

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