Interface PrologAllowed

All Known Implementing Classes:
Audio.ExtraCtrl, Combobox.ExtraCtrl, Datebox.ExtraCtrl, Grid.ExtraCtrl, HtmlBasedComponent.ExtraCtrl, HtmlNativeComponent.ExtraCtrl, Iframe.ExtraCtrl, Image.ExtraCtrl, Jasperreport.ExtraCtrl, LabelImageElement.ExtraCtrl, Listbox.ExtraCtrl, Listitem.ExtraCtrl, Row.ExtraCtrl, Rows.ExtraCtrl, Treechildren.ExtraCtrl

public interface PrologAllowed

Implemented by the object returned by ComponentCtrl.getExtraCtrl() if it is able to generate the specified prolog before its real content.

It is used by ZK to minimize the output. Currently, HtmlBasedComponent supports it. If a ZUML page has a string consisting of whitespaces, it will ask the following component to generate them if PrologAllowed is implemented.

For example, in the following codes, the whitespace between textbox and datebox won't be converted to a label component. Rather, it will ask datebox to generate by calling datebox's setPrologContent(java.lang.String).

<textbox/> <datebox/>


Method Summary
 void setPrologContent(java.lang.String prolog)
          Sets the prolog content.

Method Detail


void setPrologContent(java.lang.String prolog)
Sets the prolog content. It is the content generated before the child components, if any.

Default: none.

Note: the prolog is one-shot only. Once the component is generated, the prolog is gone.

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