Package org.zkoss.zk.ui.http

HTTP relevant utilities and servlets for implementing user interfaces (implementation only).


Interface Summary
ScriptManager A manager to manage the script of WPD.
WebManagerActivationListener A listener that will be invoked when the Web manager is created (a.k.a., activated).

Class Summary
DesktopRecycles Utilities to handle DesktopRecycle.
DHtmlLayoutFilter Used to post-process the response into a ZK page.
DHtmlLayoutPortlet The portlet used to process the request for a ZUML page.
DHtmlLayoutServlet Used to process the request for a ZUML page.
ExecutionImpl An Execution implementation for HTTP request and response.
HttpSessionListener Used to clean up desktops that a session owns.
HttpSessionListener23 The listener works with Servlet 2.3.
I18Ns Internationalization utilities.
RichletFilter A filter used for ZK Richlet To enable this filter, you can specify the following statement into web.xml and zk.xml.
ScriptManagerImpl The default implementation of the script manager (ScriptManager).
SerializableSession Serializable Session.
SerializableUiFactory The serializable implementation of UiFactory.
SessionResolverImpl An implementation of session resolver (SessionResolver) based on HTTP request.
SimpleSession A non-serializable implementation of Session.
SimpleSessionCache A simple implementation of SessionCache.
SimpleUiFactory The default implementation of UiFactory.
SimpleWebApp A servlet-based Web application.
Utils A collection of utilities for this package.
WcsExtendlet The extendlet to handle WCS (widget CSS).
WebManager A bridge between Web server and ZK.
WpdExtendlet The extendlet to handle WPD (Widget Package Descriptor).
Wpds Utilities to used with WPD files.
ZumlExtendlet The ZUML resource processor used to parse the ZUML files loaded from the classpath.

Package org.zkoss.zk.ui.http Description

HTTP relevant utilities and servlets for implementing user interfaces (implementation only).

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