Package org.zkoss.zk.ui.metainfo

Metainfo representing pages and languages (implementation only).


Interface Summary
Annotation The common interface extended by all annotation types.
ComponentDefinition A component definition.
MessageLoader The interface for loading messages as String output.
NodeInfo Represent a node in a ZUML metainfo tree.
WidgetDefinition A widget definition.

Class Summary
AnnotationMap A map of annotations used with ComponentDefinition and ComponentInfo.
AttributesInfo Represents a map of custom attributes of a component definition (ComponentDefinition).
ComponentDefinitionMap A map of component definitions.
ComponentInfo Represents a component instance defined in a ZUML page.
DefinitionLoaders Utilities to load language definitions.
EventHandler An event handler of a component definition (ComponentDefinition).
EventHandlerMap A map of instances of EventHandler.
ForwardInfo The forward directive in the ZUML page.
FunctionMapperInfo A definition of the function mapper (FunctionMapper).
HeaderInfo Represents a header element, such as <?
InitiatorInfo The init directive in the ZUML page.
LanguageDefinition A definition of a language, such as xul.
NativeInfo Represents the component information about the native components.
PageDefinition A page definition.
PageDefinitions Utilities to retrieve page definitions.
Parser Used to parse the ZUL file
Property Information about how to initialize a property (a.k.a., a field of a component).
ResponseHeaderInfo Represents a setting of a response header.
TemplateInfo Represent a template element.
TextInfo Represents a text.
VariableResolverInfo A definition of the variable resolver (VariableResolver).
VariablesInfo The information about the variables element in the ZUML page.
WidgetAttribute Represents a DOM attribute of the peer widget.
WidgetListener Represents a client-side event listener for the peer widget.
WidgetOverride Represents a method of the peer widget.
ZkInfo Represents the zk element in a ZUML page.
ZScript Represents a zscript content.
ZScriptInfo Represents a zscript element.

Exception Summary
DefinitionNotFoundException Denotes a definition cannot be found.
PropertyNotFoundException Represents the a property (a.k.a., a method of a component) is not found.

Package org.zkoss.zk.ui.metainfo Description

Metainfo representing pages and languages (implementation only).




PageDefinition represents a ZUML page. The XML nodes in the ZUML page are represented by ComponentInfo, AttributesInfo, VariablesInfo, InitiatorInfo

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