Package org.zkoss.zk.ui

Interfaces of the common user-interfaces, such as Page and Component.


Interface Summary
Component An UI component.
Desktop Represents a desktop.
Execution An execution of a client request (e.g., ServletRequest).
IdSpace Implemented by a component (Component) and a page (Page) to denote that all its descendant and itself forms an independent ID space.
Page A page.
Richlet Defines methods that all richlets must implement.
RichletConfig A richlet configuration object used by a richlet container to pass information to a richlet during initialization.
Session A user session.
WebApp Represents a Web application.

Class Summary
AbstractComponent A skeletal implementation of Component.
AbstractPage A skeletal implementation of Page.
Components Utilities to access Component.
Executions Utilities to access Execution.
GenericRichlet Defines a generic richlet.
HtmlBasedComponent A skeletal implementation for HTML based components.
HtmlMacroComponent The implementation of a macro component for HTML-based clients.
HtmlNativeComponent A component used to represent XML elements that are associated with the native namespace (
HtmlNativeComponent.HtmlHelper The HTML helper.
Path A representation of a component path.
Sessions Utilities to access Session.
UiException.Aide Utilities to wrap UiException.
WebApps Utilities related to the Web application.

Exception Summary
ActivationTimeoutException Indicates the activation of an execution is taking too long.
ArithmeticWrongValueException For ArithmeticException wrong value wrapper.
ComponentNotFoundException Denotes a component cannot be found.
DesktopUnavailableException Denotes the desktop being accessed is no longer available.
OperationException The operation exception is a special UI exception that happens 'reasonably' -- usually caused by user rather than by programming error.
SuspendNotAllowedException Denotes the current event processing thread cannot be suspended because there are too many suspended threads.
UiException Represents a UI-relevant runtime exception.
WrongValueException Denotes the value passed to a setter (a.k.a., mutator) of a component is wrong.
WrongValuesException Denotes an exception that is an aggregation of multiple WrongValueException.

Package org.zkoss.zk.ui Description

Interfaces of the common user-interfaces, such as Page and Component.

Application developers usually need only classes defined in this package. For advance control, they might see also the org.zkoss.zk.ui.event and org.zkoss.zk.ui.util

Component developers might need also the org.zkoss.zk.ui.ext package.

All other packages are mostly used internally.

See Page for an overview.

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