Implementation of ZK Component Selector


Interface Summary
PseudoClassDef The model of pseudo class definition
Reflections.FieldRunner<A extends Annotation>  
Reflections.MethodRunner<A extends Annotation>  

Class Summary
Attribute The model representing an attribute in Selector.
BasicPseudoClassDefs The default set of pseudo classes in Selector.
CharSequenceIterator A char Iterator implementation for Selector tokenizer.
ComponentIterator An implementation of Iterator<Component> that realizes the selector matching algorithm.
ComponentLocalProperties A collection of utilities that check local properties of Components.
ComponentMatchCtx A wrapper of Component, providing a context for selector matching algorithm.
Parser A parser that parses selector string and generates selector objects.
PseudoClass The model representing a pseudo class in Selector
Reflections A collection of reflection utilities.
Selector The model representing a selector.
SimpleSelectorSequence The model representing a sequence of simple selectors.
Token The model of Selector token.
Tokenizer A tokenizer of selector string.

Enum Summary

Exception Summary
ParseException Exception thrown for illegal selector string.

Package Description

Implementation of ZK Component Selector

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