Package org.zkoss.zk.ui.sys

Internal interfaces of user interfaces and factories (behind the scene).


Interface Summary
AbortingReason The aborting reason used to abort the current execution.
ComponentCtrl An addition interface to Component that is used for implementation or tools.
ContentRenderer Used with AbstractComponent.renderProperties(org.zkoss.zk.ui.sys.ContentRenderer) to generate the component content that will be sent to the client.
DesktopCache The cache used to store desktops.
DesktopCacheProvider Used to retrieve a desktop cache (DesktopCache).
DesktopCtrl An addition interface to Desktop for implementation.
EventListenerMap Represents a map of event handlers and listeners.
EventProcessingThread Represents an event processing thread.
ExecutionCtrl Additional interface to Execution for implementation.
ExecutionInfo The information about the event being served by the current execution.
FailoverManager Represents a class that is able to handle fail-over in the application specific way.
IdGenerator Used to generate UUID of components and pages and ID of desktops.
PageConfig Represents the info used to initialize a page.
PageCtrl Addition interface to Page for implementation purpose.
PageRenderer The page render used to render a page.
PageRenderPatch A patch that is used to process the rendering result of a page.
PropertiesRenderer A renderer used to render custom properties for particular components.
RequestInfo The request information used with UiFactory.
RequestQueue A queue of AuRequest.
Scheduler<T extends Event> A scheduler that is able to schedule a task to execute asynchronously.
SEORenderer A plugin that an application could add to generate application-specific SEO content.
ServerPush Represents a server-push controller.
SessionCache The cache for storing ZK sessions.
SessionCtrl Additional interface of Session for implementation.
SessionResolver Used with SessionsCtrl.setCurrent(SessionResolver) to resolve a session dynamically.
UiEngine UI engine is responsible to process requests from the client, sends the response back to the client with the assistance of ExecutionCtrl.
UiFactory Used to create Session, Desktop, Page, Component, Composer, and ServerPush.
Visualizer A part of Execution for visualizing the components whose visual parts are modified.
WebAppCtrl Additional interface of WebApp for implementation.
WebAppFactory The factory used to instantiate the instance of WebApp.

Class Summary
Attributes Attributes or library properties to customize the behaviors of ZK, such as page rending, fileupload and so on.
ComponentRedraws Utilities to implement ComponentCtrl.redraw(
ComponentsCtrl Utilities for implementing components.
ConfigParser Used to parse WEB-INF/zk.xml, metainfo/zk/zk.xml and metainfo/zk/config.xml into Configuration.
ExecutionsCtrl Additional utilities for Execution.
HtmlPageRenders Utilities for implementing HTML-based PageRenderer.
HtmlPageRenders.RenderContext The render context which consists of two writers (HtmlPageRenders.RenderContext.temp and HtmlPageRenders.RenderContext.perm.
JsContentRenderer An implementation of ContentRenderer that renders the content as a JavaScript property (i.e., name: 'value').
Names Utilities about variable's names.
SessionsCtrl An additional utilities for implementation related to Session.
StubComponent A stub component is a 'degenerated' component that does not maintain the states at the server.
StubsComponent Represents a tree of StubComponent that are merged into a single component.
WebAppsCtrl An additional utilities for implementation related to WebApp.
XmlContentRenderer An implementation of ContentRenderer that renders the content as a Xml attribute (i.e., name="value").

Package org.zkoss.zk.ui.sys Description

Internal interfaces of user interfaces and factories (behind the scene). Most user interface, such as Component, has an internal interface, such as ComponentCtrl, used only by ZK internals. Application developers shall never use them.

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