Package org.zkoss.zkmax.zul

Components and UI utitilies available in ZK EE.


Interface Summary
FiledownloadListener The listener used with Filedownload.saveResumable(, java.lang.String, java.lang.String) to reject a download if the user tried to resume it in unacceptable situation.
MatrixComparatorProvider<T> A comparator provider to provide a sets of column comparator that are used for Biglistbox
MatrixModel<Row,Head,Cell,Header> The interface defines the methods that components like Biglistbox to get the content of cells and headers from the matrix data.
MatrixRenderer<T> Used to generated the HTML fragment for the data associated with a matrix component, such as Biglistbox

Class Summary
Biglistbox A component to handle a huge data sets and provides the same and as many as the functionalities of Listbox including selection, sorting, keystroke navigation, ROD(rendering-on-demand), and so on.
Cardlayout A layout allow end user change view like change card.
Chosenbox A component that similar to Combobox but handle the multi-selection and the select order.
Dropupload A component can handle drag files into it, and upload files to server.
Filedownload More filedownload utilities, such as resumable filedownload.
Fusionchart The Fusionchart component.
Nav A container is used to display navitems, it should be placed inside a Navbar.
Navbar A container that usually contains nav elements.
Navitem A single choice in a Navbar or Nav element.
Navseparator Used to create a separator between menu items.
Portalchildren The column of Portallayout.
Portallayout A portal layout lays out a container which can have multiple columns, and each column may contain one or more panel.
Scrollview A container that can scroll containing elements on touch devices.
Tablechildren The cell of Tablelayout.
Tablelayout Tablelayout lay outs a container as an HTML table whose columns can be specified, and rowspan and colspan of its child can also be specified to create complex layouts within the table.

Package org.zkoss.zkmax.zul Description

Components and UI utitilies available in ZK EE.

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