Interface RowRenderer<T>

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public interface RowRenderer<T>

Identifies components that can be used as "rubber stamps" to paint the cells in a Grid.

If you need better control, your renderer can also implement RowRendererExt. If you need better control about generating Group and Groupfoot, your renderer can also implement GroupRendererExt.

In addition, you could also implement RendererCtrl. For example, starts an transaction, and uses it to render all rows for the same request.

See Also:
ListModel, Listbox, RowRendererExt, GroupRendererExt

Method Summary
 void render(Row row, T data, int index)
          Renders the data to the specified row.

Method Detail


void render(Row row,
            T data,
            int index)
            throws java.lang.Exception
Renders the data to the specified row.

row - the row to render the result. Note: when this method is called, the row has no child at all, unless you don't return RowRendererExt.DETACH_ON_RENDER when RowRendererExt.getControls() is called.
data - that is returned from ListModel.getElementAt(int)
index - the index of the data that is currently being rendered

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