Class SimplePieModel

  extended by org.zkoss.zul.AbstractChartModel
      extended by org.zkoss.zul.SimpleSingleValueCategoryModel
          extended by org.zkoss.zul.SimplePieModel
All Implemented Interfaces:, ChartModel, PieModel, SingleValueCategoryModel

public class SimplePieModel
extends SimpleSingleValueCategoryModel
implements PieModel

A Pie chart data model implementation of PieModel. Piechart model is an one series of (Category, value) data objects.

See Also:
PieModel, Chart, Serialized Form

Field Summary
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clear, clone, getCategories, getCategory, getValue, removeValue, setValue
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addChartDataListener, fireEvent, fireEvent, removeChartDataListener
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Methods inherited from interface org.zkoss.zul.SingleValueCategoryModel
clear, getCategories, getCategory, getValue, removeValue, setValue
Methods inherited from interface org.zkoss.zul.ChartModel
addChartDataListener, removeChartDataListener

Constructor Detail


public SimplePieModel()

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