Package org.zkoss.zul.ext

Interfaces that might be implemented by ZUL components.


Interface Summary
Constrainted Decorates a component that its value is constrainted by Constraint.
Framable Indicates a component that can be built-in collapsible, closable, maximizable, and minimizable behavior, along with a variety of pre-built tool buttons that can be wired up to provide other customized behavior.
GroupingInfo Represents the runtime information of each iteration caused by GroupsModel
GroupsSortableModel<D> An extra interface that can be implemented with GroupsModel to control the sorting and grouping of the data model.
Openable<E> Indicate an openable collection.
Pageable Represents a component that can be displayed in multiple pages but cannot be controlled by an external paging controller.
Paginal Represents a component that is used to control how to display other components in multiple pages.
Paginated Indicates a component that can be controller by an external paging controller (i.e., an instance of Paginal).
Selectable<E> Indicate a selectable collection or component.
Sortable<T> Indicate a data model that supports sorting.
TreeOpenableModel Indicate an openable collection or components.
TreeSelectableModel Indicate a tree model that supports selection.

Package org.zkoss.zul.ext Description

Interfaces that might be implemented by ZUL components.

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