Class LabelImageElement.ExtraCtrl

  extended by org.zkoss.zk.ui.HtmlBasedComponent.ExtraCtrl
      extended by org.zkoss.zul.impl.LabelImageElement.ExtraCtrl
All Implemented Interfaces:
DynamicMedia, PrologAllowed
Enclosing class:

protected class LabelImageElement.ExtraCtrl
extends HtmlBasedComponent.ExtraCtrl
implements DynamicMedia

A utility class to implement HtmlBasedComponent.getExtraCtrl(). It is used only by component developers.

Constructor Summary
protected LabelImageElement.ExtraCtrl()
Method Summary
 Media getMedia(java.lang.String pathInfo)
          Retrieve the view in Media format.
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Constructor Detail


protected LabelImageElement.ExtraCtrl()
Method Detail


public Media getMedia(java.lang.String pathInfo)
Description copied from interface: DynamicMedia
Retrieve the view in Media format.

Unlike other methods, you cannot post event, create, remove, invalidate or do any smart updates in this method. In other words, READ ONLY.

Specified by:
getMedia in interface DynamicMedia
pathInfo - the extra info passed to DHtmlUpdateServlet. It is what you passed to Desktop.getDynamicMediaURI(org.zkoss.zk.ui.Component, java.lang.String). It is never null. It must start with "/" or be empty.

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