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Packages that use GroupsListModel
org.zkoss.zkplus.databind The DataBinder used for binding ZK UI component and the backend data bean. 
org.zkoss.zul.impl Classes used to implement ZUL Component Set (implementation only). 

Uses of GroupsListModel in org.zkoss.zkplus.databind

Subclasses of GroupsListModel in org.zkoss.zkplus.databind
 class BindingGroupsListModel
          Deprecated. As of release 7.0.0, replace with new ZK binding.

Uses of GroupsListModel in org.zkoss.zul.impl

Methods in org.zkoss.zul.impl that return GroupsListModel
<D,G,F> GroupsListModel<D,G,F>
GroupsListModel.toListModel(GroupsModel<D,G,F> model)
          Returns the list model (ListModel) representing the given groups model.

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