Package org.zkoss.zul.impl

Classes used to implement ZUL Component Set (implementation only).


Interface Summary
ChartEngine Chart engine is an engine that do the real chart rendering.
DataLoader DataLoader is used with Grid, Listbox to handle data loading from model to server and then to client side.
LoadStatus Denote the status whether a on-demand-loading item is loaded.
Padding Control the padding height of a component(Used mainly for component developing).
TabboxEngine Tabbox engine is an engine that do the model rendering for ListModel

Class Summary
FileuploadDlg Used with Fileupload to implement the upload feature.
FooterElement A skeletal implementation for a footer.
FormatInputElement A skeletal implementation for an input box with format.
GridDataLoader Generic Grid data loader.
GroupsListModel<D,G,F> Encapsulates GroupsModel as an instance of ListModel such that it is easier to handle by Listbox and Group.
GroupsListModel.GroupDataInfo The group information returned by GroupsListModel.getDataInfo(int).
HeaderElement A skeletal implementation for a header.
HeadersElement A skeletal implementation for headers, the parent of a group of HeaderElement.
InputElement A skeletal implementation of an input box.
LabelElement A XUL element with a label.
LabelImageElement A XUL element with a label (LabelElement.getLabel()) and an image (LabelImageElement.getImage()).
ListboxDataLoader Generic Listbox data loader.
MeshElement The fundamental class for mesh elements such as Grid, Listbox, and Tree.
MessageboxDlg Used with Messagebox to implement a message box.
MessageboxDlg.Button Represents a button on the message box.
NumberInputElement A skeletal implementation for number-type input box.
PageRenderer The page render for ZUL pages.
Utils A collection of utilities.
XulElement The fundamental class for XUL elements.
ZulMessageLoader ZUL implementation of MessageLoader

Package org.zkoss.zul.impl Description

Classes used to implement ZUL Component Set (implementation only).

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