Class Group

  extended by zk.Object
      extended by zk.Widget
          extended by zul.Widget
              extended by zul.grid.Row
                  extended by zkex.grid.Group

public class Group
extends Row

Adds the ability for single level grouping to the Grid.

Default Widget.getZclass(): z-group.

Note: All the child of this component are automatically applied the group-cell CSS, if you don't want this CSS, you can invoke the Widget.setSclass(String) after the child added.

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class zk.Widget
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Fields inherited from class zk.Object
$class, $oid
Method Summary
protected  void domContent_()
          A combination of icon ([[#domImg_]]) and label ([[#domLabel_]]).
protected  String domImage_()
          Returns the HTML span content.
 int getItemCount()
          Returns the number of items.
 Array getItems()
          Returns a Array of all Row are grouped by this group.
 Label getLabel()
          Returns the value of the Label it contains, or null if no such cell.
 boolean isOpen()
          Returns whether this container is open.
protected  boolean isStripeable_()
          Returns whether is stripeable or not.
 void setOpen(boolean open)
          Sets whether this container is open.
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Method Detail


public void setOpen(boolean open)
Sets whether this container is open.

open -


public boolean isOpen()
Returns whether this container is open.

Default: true.



public Array getItems()
Returns a Array of all Row are grouped by this group.



public int getItemCount()
Returns the number of items.



public Label getLabel()
Returns the value of the Label it contains, or null if no such cell.



protected String domImage_()
Returns the HTML span content.



protected void domContent_()
A combination of icon ([[#domImg_]]) and label ([[#domLabel_]]).


protected boolean isStripeable_()
Returns whether is stripeable or not.

Default: false.

isStripeable_ in class Row

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