Class Grid

  extended by zk.Object
      extended by zk.Widget
          extended by zul.Widget
              extended by zul.mesh.MeshWidget
                  extended by zul.grid.Grid

public class Grid
extends MeshWidget

A grid is an element that contains both rows and columns elements. It is used to create a grid of elements. Both the rows and columns are displayed at once although only one will typically contain content, while the other may provide size information.

Default Widget.getZclass(): z-grid.

To have a grid without stripping, you can specify a non-existent style class to setOddRowSclass(_global_.String).

Field Summary
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$class, $oid
Method Summary
 RowIter getBodyWidgetIterator()
          Returns the tree item iterator.
 Widget getCell(int row, int col)
          Returns the specified cell, or null if not available.
 Columns getHeadWidgetClass()
          Returns the head widget class.
 String getOddRowSclass()
          Returns the style class for the odd rows.
 boolean hasGroup()
          Returns whether the grid has group.
protected  void redrawEmpty_(Array out)
          a redraw method for the empty message , if you want to customize the message , you could overwrite this.
 void setOddRowSclass(String scls)
          Sets the style class for the odd rows.
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Method Detail


public Widget getCell(int row,
                      int col)
Returns the specified cell, or null if not available.

row - which row to fetch (starting at 0).
col - which column to fetch (starting at 0).


public String getOddRowSclass()
Returns the style class for the odd rows.

Default: Widget.getZclass()-odd.



public void setOddRowSclass(String scls)
Sets the style class for the odd rows. If the style class doesn't exist, the striping effect disappears. You can provide different effects by providing the proper style classes.

scls -


protected void redrawEmpty_(Array out)
a redraw method for the empty message , if you want to customize the message , you could overwrite this.

out - A array that contains html structure , it usually come from mold(redraw_).


public Columns getHeadWidgetClass()
Returns the head widget class.



public RowIter getBodyWidgetIterator()
Returns the tree item iterator.



public boolean hasGroup()
Returns whether the grid has group.


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