Class Tree

  extended by zk.Object
      extended by zk.Widget
          extended by zul.Widget
              extended by zul.mesh.MeshWidget
                  extended by zul.sel.SelectWidget
                      extended by zul.sel.Tree

public class Tree
extends SelectWidget

A container which can be used to hold a tabular or hierarchical set of rows of elements.


  1. onSelect event is sent when user changes the selection.

Default Widget.getZclass(): z-tree.

Field Summary
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Method Summary
 void clear()
          clears the tree children.
 TreeItemIter getBodyWidgetIterator()
          Returns the tree item iterator.
 Treecols getHeadWidgetClass()
          Returns the head widget class. i.e.
 int getItemCount()
          Returns the number of child Treeitem.
 Array getItems()
          Returns a readonly list of all descending Treeitem (children's children and so on).
 TreeItemIter itemIterator()
          Returns the tree item iterator.
protected  boolean shallIgnoreSelect_(Event evt, ItemWidget row)
          Returns whether to ignore the selection.
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Method Detail


public void clear()
clears the tree children.

clear in class Widget


public Treecols getHeadWidgetClass()
Returns the head widget class. i.e. Treecols



public Array getItems()
Returns a readonly list of all descending Treeitem (children's children and so on).

Note: the performance of the size method of returned collection is no good.



public int getItemCount()
Returns the number of child Treeitem. The same as getItems().size().

Note: the performance of this method is no good.



public TreeItemIter itemIterator()
Returns the tree item iterator.



public TreeItemIter getBodyWidgetIterator()
Returns the tree item iterator.

See Also:


protected boolean shallIgnoreSelect_(Event evt,
                                     ItemWidget row)
Returns whether to ignore the selection. It is called when selecting an item (Widget.doSelect_(zk.Event)).

Default: ignore the selection if it is clicked on the open icon or SelectWidget.rightSelect is true and event is onRightClick.

evt - the event
row - the row about to be selected
boolean whether to ignore the selection

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