Class Radio

  extended by zk.Object
      extended by zk.Widget
          extended by zul.Widget
              extended by zul.LabelImageWidget
                  extended by zul.wgt.Checkbox
                      extended by zul.wgt.Radio

public class Radio
extends Checkbox

A radio button.

Radio buttons without a ancestor Radiogroup is considered as the same group. The nearest ancestor Radiogroup is the group that the radio belongs to. See also getRadiogroup().


  1. onCheck event is sent when a checkbox is checked or unchecked by user.

Field Summary
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Method Summary
 String getName()
          Returns the name of this radio button.
 Radiogroup getRadiogroup()
          Returns Radiogroup that this radio button belongs to.
 boolean isSelected()
          Returns whether it is selected.
 Radio setChecked(boolean checked)
          Sets the radio is checked and unchecked the others in the same radio group (Radiogroup
 void setRadiogroup(Radiogroup group)
          Sets Radiogroup that this radio button belongs to.
 Radio setSelected(boolean selected)
          Sets whether it is selected.
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Method Detail


public Radiogroup getRadiogroup()
Returns Radiogroup that this radio button belongs to. It is the nearest ancestor Radiogroup. In other words, it searches up the parent, parent's parent and so on for any Radiogroup instance. If found this radio belongs the found radiogroup. If not, this radio itself is a group.



public void setRadiogroup(Radiogroup group)
Sets Radiogroup that this radio button belongs to. The radio automatically belongs to the nearest ancestral radiogroup. Use this method only if the radio group is not one of its ancestors.

group - the radio group, or null to dis-associate


public boolean isSelected()
Returns whether it is selected.

Default: false.

Don't override this. Override Checkbox.isChecked() instead.



public String getName()
Returns the name of this radio button.

Don't use this method if your application is purely based on ZK's event-driven model.

It is readonly, and it is generated automatically to be the same as its parent's name (Radiogroup.getName()).

getName in class Checkbox


public Radio setChecked(boolean checked)
Sets the radio is checked and unchecked the others in the same radio group (Radiogroup

checked -


public Radio setSelected(boolean selected)
Sets whether it is selected.

Don't override this. Override setChecked(boolean) instead.

The same as setChecked(boolean).

selected -

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