Class IMultislider.Builder

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    public static class IMultislider.Builder
    extends org.zkoss.stateless.sul.ImmutableIMultislider.Builder
    Builds instances of type IMultislider. Initialize attributes and then invoke the method to create an immutable instance.

    Builder is not thread-safe and generally should not be stored in a field or collection, but instead used immediately to create instances.

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        addActions, addActions, addAllActions, addAllChildren, addChildren, addChildren, build, from, putAllClientAttributes, putAllMarks, putAllWidgetListeners, putAllWidgetOverrides, putClientAttributes, putClientAttributes, putMarks, putMarks, putWidgetListeners, putWidgetListeners, putWidgetOverrides, putWidgetOverrides, setAction, setActions, setChild, setChildren, setClientAction, setClientAttributes, setContext, setCtrlKeys, setDisabled, setDraggable, setDroppable, setEventListenerMap, setFocus, setHeight, setHflex, setId, setLeft, setMarks, setMarkScale, setMax, setMin, setMold, setOrient, setPopup, setRenderdefer, setSclass, setStep, setStyle, setTabindex, setTooltip, setTooltiptext, setTooltipVisible, setTop, setVflex, setVisible, setWidgetClass, setWidgetListeners, setWidgetOverrides, setWidth, setZclass, setZIndex
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        public Builder()