Class TimeZones

  • public class TimeZones
    extends java.lang.Object
    Utilities to access time-zone.
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      static java.util.TimeZone getCurrent()
      Returns the current time zone; never null.
      static java.util.TimeZone getThreadLocal()
      Returns the time zone defined by setThreadLocal(java.util.TimeZone).
      static java.util.TimeZone getTimeZone​(int ofsmins)
      Returns the time by specifying the offset in minutes.
      static java.util.TimeZone setThreadLocal​(java.util.TimeZone timezone)
      Sets the time-zone for the current thread only.
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      • TimeZones

        public TimeZones()
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      • getCurrent

        public static final java.util.TimeZone getCurrent()
        Returns the current time zone; never null. This is the time zone that every other objects shall use, unless they have special consideration.

        Default: If setThreadLocal(java.util.TimeZone) was called with non-null, the value is returned. Otherwise, TimeZone.getDefault() is returned,

      • setThreadLocal

        public static final java.util.TimeZone setThreadLocal​(java.util.TimeZone timezone)
        Sets the time-zone for the current thread only.

        Each thread could have an independent time zone, called the thread time zone.

        When Invoking this method under a thread that serves requests, remember to clean up the setting upon completing each request.

        TimeZone old = TimeZones.setThreadLocal(newValue);
        try { 
        } finally {
        timezone - the thread time zone; null to denote no thread time zone (and the system's timezone will be used instead)
        the previous thread time zone, or null if no previous time zone
      • getTimeZone

        public static final java.util.TimeZone getTimeZone​(int ofsmins)
        Returns the time by specifying the offset in minutes.

        For example, the following are equivalent.

        ofsmins - the offset in minutes.