Class HeaderInfo

  • public class HeaderInfo
    extends java.lang.Object
    Represents a header element, such as <?link> and <?meta> directives on the ZUML page. They are usually represented as directives in ZUML. For example, the link and meta directives represent <link> and <meta> HTML tags, respectively.


    • Directives are evaluated before all other tags. Thus, it is not possible to set a value in zscript and then reference it in an attribute of the directive.
    • If a page is included by another page with the instant mode (Include.getMode()), the directives will be ignored.
    • EL is allowed for every attribute.
    • Since 5.0.0, the if and unless attributes are supported.

    It is not serializable.

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    • Constructor Summary

      Constructor Description
      HeaderInfo​(java.lang.String name, java.util.Map<java.lang.String,​java.lang.String> attrs, ConditionImpl cond)
    • Method Summary

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      Modifier and Type Method Description
      java.lang.String getName()
      Returns the tag name of this header element.
      java.lang.String toHTML​(PageDefinition pgdef, Page page)
      Returns as HTML tag(s) representing this header element.
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    • Constructor Detail

      • HeaderInfo

        public HeaderInfo​(java.lang.String name,
                          java.util.Map<java.lang.String,​java.lang.String> attrs,
                          ConditionImpl cond)

        Note: it detects the href attribute (from the attrs argument), and encodes it with Executions.encodeURL(java.lang.String).

        name - the tag name, such as link (never null or empty).
        attrs - a map of (String, String) attributes.
    • Method Detail

      • getName

        public java.lang.String getName()
        Returns the tag name of this header element.
      • toHTML

        public java.lang.String toHTML​(PageDefinition pgdef,
                                       Page page)
        Returns as HTML tag(s) representing this header element.
        page - the page containing this header element. It is used to evaluate EL expression, if any, contained in the value.