Interface ExecutionCleanup

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        void cleanup​(Execution exec,
                     Execution parent,
                     java.util.List<java.lang.Throwable> errs)
              throws java.lang.Exception
        called when an execution is about to be destroyed.

        If this method throws an exception, the stack trace will be logged, and the error message will be displayed at the client.

        When this method is invoked, the execution is still activated, so you can create components here.

        exec - the execution to clean up.
        parent - the previous execution, or null if no previous at all
        errs - a list of exceptions (java.lang.Throwable) if any exception occurred before this method is called, or null if no exception at all. Note: you can manipulate the list directly to add or clean up exceptions. For example, if exceptions are fixed correctly, you can call errs.clear() such that no error message will be displayed at the client.