Class StandardThemeProvider

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    public class StandardThemeProvider
    extends StandardThemeProvider
    A standard implementation of ThemeProvider for ZK PE, which works with the Breeze series themes
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      • StandardThemeProvider

        public StandardThemeProvider()
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      • beforeWidgetCSS

        public java.lang.String beforeWidgetCSS​(Execution exec,
                                                java.lang.String uri)
        Description copied from interface: ThemeProvider
        Called when a WCS (Widget CSS descriptor) file is about to load the CSS file associated with a widget. This method then returns the real URI of the WCS file to load. If no need to change, just return the uri parameter.

        This method is usually overridden to load the CSS files from a different directory. For example,

        String beforeWidgetCSS(Execution exec, String uri) {
          return uri.startsWith("~./") ? "~./foo/" + uri.substring(3): uri;
        Specified by:
        beforeWidgetCSS in interface ThemeProvider
        beforeWidgetCSS in class StandardThemeProvider
        exec - the current execution (never null), where you can retrieve the request ad response. However, unlike ThemeProvider.getThemeURIs(org.zkoss.zk.ui.Execution, java.util.List<java.lang.Object>), the desktop might not be available when this method is called.
        uri - the URI of the CSS file associated with a widget, e.g., ~./js/zul/wgt/css/a.css.dsp
        the real URI of the CSS file to load If null is returned, the CSS file is ignored.