Class Rowlayout

  • All Implemented Interfaces:, java.lang.Cloneable, Component, Scope, ComponentCtrl

    public class Rowlayout
    extends XulElement
    Divide the parent container into a row of equal-width columns separated by spacings. Stacking multiple rowlayout components with the same configuration creates a grid inside the parent container.
    See Also:
    Rowchildren, Serialized Form
    • Field Detail


        public static int DEFAULT_NUM_COLUMNS

        public static java.lang.String DEFAULT_SPACING
    • Constructor Detail

      • Rowlayout

        public Rowlayout()
    • Method Detail

      • getNcols

        public int getNcols()
        Number of columns to divide the row into

        Default: 12

      • setNcols

        public void setNcols​(int ncols)
      • getSpacing

        public java.lang.String getSpacing()
        Spacing between columns should be given as a ratio to the column width. e.g. "1/3", "33.3%", or "0.3333"

        Default: 20.0/60.0 = 0.3333...

      • setSpacing

        public void setSpacing​(java.lang.String value)
      • setHflex

        public void setHflex​(java.lang.String hflex)
        Description copied from class: HtmlBasedComponent
        Sets horizontal flex hint of this component.

        Number flex indicates how this component's container distributes remaining empty space among its children horizontally. Flexible component grow and shrink to fit their given space. Flexible components with larger flex values will be made larger than components with lower flex values, at the ratio determined by all flexible components. The actual flex value is not relevant unless there are other flexible components within the same container. Once the default sizes of components in a container are calculated, the remaining space in the container is divided among the flexible components, according to their flex ratios.

        Specify a flex value of negative value, 0, or "false" has the same effect as leaving the flex attribute out entirely. Specify a flex value of "true" has the same effect as a flex value of 1.

        Special flex hint, "min", indicates that the minimum space shall be given to this flexible component to enclose all of its children components. That is, the flexible component grow and shrink to fit its children components.

        setHflex in class HtmlBasedComponent
        hflex - horizontal flex hint of this component.
        See Also:
        HtmlBasedComponent.setVflex(java.lang.String), HtmlBasedComponent.getHflex()