Package org.zkoss.zul

Class SimpleDoubleSpinnerConstraint

    • Constructor Detail

      • SimpleDoubleSpinnerConstraint

        public SimpleDoubleSpinnerConstraint()
        Constraints a constraint.
      • SimpleDoubleSpinnerConstraint

        public SimpleDoubleSpinnerConstraint​(java.lang.String constraint)
        Constructs a constraint with a list of constraints separated by comma.
        constraint - a list of constraints separated by comma. Example: no positive, no zero
    • Method Detail

      • getMin

        public java.lang.Double getMin()
        Returns the minimum value.
      • setMin

        public void setMin​(java.lang.Double min)
        Set the minimum value.
      • getMax

        public java.lang.Double getMax()
        Returns the maximum value.
      • setMax

        public void setMax​(java.lang.Double max)
        Set the maximum value.