The best open source Java framework for building enterprise web and mobile apps.

Write your application once and have it run anywhere

  • Responsive design and components
  • Resolution optimized automatically for web, mobile & tablets
  • Only need to write once with one component set & one code-base
  • Excellent user experience across desktops and devices

Shallow learning curve

ZK brings the simplicity of desktop programming to Java Ajax development, thanks to its event driven and component based patterns.

All events, server push, system events and user activities alike, are encapsulated as generic events to be handled generically. All components are LEGO-like building blocks which allow developers to compose an Ajax UI with ease.

In addition, ZK provides a markup language - ZUML, making the design of rich user interfaces as simple and fast as authoring HTML pages. No programming is required.

Server centric, no exposed business logic, light footprint

The client side implemention of ZK is based on jQuery, but all business logic is stored at the server meaning increased security for your application. This is a major concern for Ajax Enterprise applications based on Java.

If developers wish to use the client, ZK provides the ability to use JavaScript directly. Developer's can contruct their java web applications primarily at the server but use JavaScript at the client to tweak their applications.

ZK provides a Load on Demand mechanism resembling a class loader to speed up loading of the JavaScript at start up. Additionally only the required JavaScript code for the Java Ajax application is loaded at the client ensuring a light client footprint.