Product Overview

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ZK Framework

ZK Framework ZK is a highly productive open source Java web framework for building amazing enterprise web and mobile applications. Its unique Sever+client Fusion architecture enable developers to write applications using pure Java, design UI in XML while having optional control to the client side. ZK’s true event-driven model reflects desktop programming shielding developers from JavaScript programming, cross-browser issues, complex Ajax communication and the danger of exposing business logic.

ZK affords developers the ability to write one application and have it provide an optimal user experience on any kind of device from the desktop to tablets and smartphones without the need for a separate component set. This technique uses responsive design and responsive components to make creating said applications as easy and intuitive as possible.

Application Components

Keikai Spreadsheet Keikai Spreadsheet is an embeddable component that delivers Excel-like functionality within browsers using pure Java. It seamlessly integrates with Java EE and other back-end services to create collaborative and dynamic enterprise applications for reporting, online collaboration, business intelligence and more.

ZK Charts ZK Charts is a component providing a huge library of interactive charts which can be embedded in your Java Web Applications.

ZK Pivottable ZK Pivottable is an Ajax web component for summarizing raw data from a flat table and organizing it by desired categories across columns and rows bringing Excel’s Pivot Table functionality to web applications.

ZK Calendar ZK Calendar is a Google Calendar like Ajax component that integrates rich and intuitive scheduling functionality into existing enterprise applications.


ZK Studio ZK Studio is a visual IDE (Integrated Development Environment) plug-in providing intuitive tools that span the entire Java web application development life-cycle, including UI design, prototyping, development, and deployment tools for developing ZK applications.

ZATS ZATS is a high performance testing suite which affords developers the ability to create test cases for their applications to verify functionality and features

Community Collaboration

ZK Framework ZK is widely supported by the community with hundreds of projects extending ZK's functionality. For community projects, please refer to the Developer's Reference: Extensions.


ZK Spring ZK Spring is an open source enterprise-grade library providing an effortless way of accelerating application development by integrating Spring, Spring MVC, Spring Web Flow and Spring Security with ZK.

ZK Framework ZK JSP Tags, and ZK JSF Components provide a straightforward way to seamlessly integrate standard Java EE technology such as existing JSP and JSF applications.