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Editor's Note:

During the process of research information for web accessibility issue and section 508, tons of articles are found online. There is very interesting and usefull roundup How to Make Your AJAX Applications Accessible - 40 Tutorials and Articles which is edited by Max Kiesler. In these 40 articles, many misunderstanding and myth about web accessibility are debunking. Following is the summary and zk editor's reponse of these articles.

3 Myths of Ajax and Accessibility
  1. Accessibility is a single issue
  2. All accessibility issues must be fixed
  3. Javascript won't work with screen readers

Responding to myth 1, application developers who using ZK should be aware that the contain is also a important factor in web accessibility issue, the text-only page, the text description for non-text. Those contain should be clearly provided by the application developers to enhance the accessibility.

On myth 2, we have been paying attention and putting works on this issue. And, we will continue working on this issue to break the barrier of web accessibility.  As a web application framework provider, ZK team considers web accessibility issue seriously and takes this issue into our further component implementation. We are witting to provide a more applicable web application framework to developers and end-users.