ZK 9.6.1 release notes

PE/EE released on Jan. 11, 2022

ZK 9.6.1 is an updated release for the latest ZK 9. It comes with 2 new features and 24 fixes. Highlighted changes include: WebSocket improvements (reliability and re-connectivity), Tree supports "onCheckSelectAll" event, and multiple fixes on Listbox, Tree, Combobox, and Shadow Element.

Please note that this version is released for PE/EE customers & ZOL users.

ZK 9.6 is a major release providing two packages, supporting developers to either stay with Java EE or migrate to Jakarta EE. In addition, major improvements were made on ZK Embedded and WCAG support. Learn more here.

What's New

  • New Features
    • ZK-4998 - ¬†automatically generated jakarta javadocs in release workflow
    • ZK-5013 - Post onCheckSelectAll event in Tree (for application use)

  • Bugs fixed
    • ZK-4509 - Setting model in onOpen listener of combobox causes "... cannot be cast to org.zkoss.zul.Comboitem" error
    • ZK-4970 - listbox renders empty
    • ZK-4995 - signature component on tablet/mobile cutting off image
    • ZK-4997 - button with autodisable doesn't trigger popup
    • ZK-5002 - shadow element - parameter leak
    • ZK-5003 - External resources with browser attribute are not loaded
    • ZK-5009 - adding a checkbox in a caption with tabbox accordion mode causes a javascript error
    • ZK-5010 - improve websocket reliabilty/reconnectivity and cleanup behavior
    • ZK-5019 - Nested Bandbox closing unexpectedly (since 9.6.0)
    • ZK-5022 - missing safety checks on shift-ctrl selection on listbox
    • ZK-5026 - up down arrow key doesn't move menu selection
    • ZK-5028 - tree JS error when replacing treecols
    • ZK-5032 - Shadow element doesn't resolve page-level imported classes static members as dynamic values
    • ZK-5036 - datebox formatting/parsing doesn't handle quoted characters correctly
    • ZK-5038 - replace listcells causes checkmark clicking doesn't send onSelect event
    • ZK-5040 - tree with model template loses selection state
    • ZK-5042 - close all tree node doesn't work as expected
    • ZK-5043 - after replacing an object of a Map, notify change doesn't work anymore for a map expression
    • ZK-5044 - combobx with hflex="min" has a wrong button position
    • ZK-5047 - combobox with listsubmodel + incorrect selectedObject in onSelect event
    • ZK-5050 - Treechildren.invalidate() only re-renders the first Treeitem
    • ZK-5055 - atlantic borderlayout east/west always rotated by 90deg (since 9.6.0)
    • ZK-5057 - minified JS code contains added polyfill functions
    • ZK-5058 - Groupbox caption not positioned correctly when rendered after load