ZK Charts 1.0 Beta Release Notes

Released on March 11, 2014

ZK Charts provides a complete API which makes visualization of your data exceptionally easy. The intuitive API allows you to present your server-side data on the client as ZK Charts handles the client-server of data for you transparently.

The comprehensive API provides all the client side functionality available to the developer from the server-side in Java. This is a distinct advantage to developers as it allows them to achieve their goals using mature technology they love.

Feature Highlights

  • API that supports client side functionality available from the server-side in pure Java
  • Java side event listener
  • Multiple design pattern support including MVC, MVVM etc.
  • Comprehensive chart types in excellent style
  • Dynamically & intuitively create, update charts
  • Five pre-set themes in simple and trendy design
  • Easy theme customization for branding
  • Responsive Design & Touch Support
  • Real time data support
  • Excellent User Experience
  • Data drill-down
  • Combination charts
  • Tooltip Labels
  • Multiple Axes
  • Zooming
  • Load on demand
  • Dynamical data

  • Please see ZK Charts Product Page for more information


For more information, please go to the documentation