ZK Charts Release Notes

Released on Oct. 18, 2022

ZK Charts is a major release upgrading its underlying Highcharts library from the previous 8.2.0 to 10.2.1, bringing hundreds of enhancements including new chart types, security fixes and accessibility support. Please refer to the feature/bug list below and Highcharts's changelog.

ZK Charts brings a variety of charting options to your doorsteps, the intuitive API allows you to present your server-side data on the client as ZK Charts handles the client-server of data for you transparently.

Moreover, the comprehensive API provides all the client side functionality available to the developer from the server-side in Java. This is a distinct advantage to developers as it allows them to achieve their goals using mature technology they love.

What's New

  • New Features
    • Upgrade the underlying highcharts version from 8.2.0 to 10.2.1
    • ZKCHARTS-132 - Support Arc Diagram chart type
    • ZKCHARTS-133 - Support Dumbbell chart type
    • ZKCHARTS-134 - Support Lollipop chart type
    • ZKCHARTS-136 - support accessibility API
    • ZKCHARTS-137 - Upgrade PlotOptions and Series APIs to align with HighCharts v10
    • ZKCHARTS-138 - breadcrumbs functionality for drilldown charts
    • ZKCHARTS-139 - xAxis, yAxis, and zAxis support Accessibility option

  • Bugs fixed
    • ZKCHARTS-78 - Wrong encoding of Chinese characters in client side PDF export
    • ZKCHARTS-110 - hbox + splitter + zkcharts, resizing fails
    • ZKCHARTS-125 - addSeriesAsDrilldown cause NPE if triggered before manual charts drilldown
    • ZKCHARTS-126 - charts _drilldownLevels set but empty after invalidate on setType()
    • ZKCHARTS-130 - set an empty data causes a javascript error
    • ZKCHARTS-140 - bar with negative stack chart doesn't display label

    For more information, please go to the documentation