ZK Charts 3.0.2 Release Notes

Released on Jan. 15, 2019

Version 3.0.2 is a maintenance release for ZK Charts 3, containing 12 bug fixes and 2 new features. Users can now add custom event handler on Point and can easily retrieve Charts' JSON data.

ZK Charts 3 is a major release to support Highcharts 5. Major enhancements include offline exporting support and improved display on pie, column and spline charts.

ZK Charts brings a variety of charting options to your doorsteps from basic line charts to area charts, scatter charts, dynamic charts, 3D charts, and 60+ more! The complete set of API provided makes visualization of your data exceptionally easy. The intuitive API allows you to present your server-side data on the client as ZK Charts handles the client-server of data for you transparently.

What's New

  • New Features
    • ZKCHARTS-54 - Users can add custom event handler on Point
    • ZKCHARTS-67 - Support a way to get Charts JSON data without ZK execution available
  • Bugs Fixed
    • ZKCHARTS-43 - chart stacking data losing categories
    • ZKCHARTS-44 - updating the chart type, duplicates the series
    • ZKCHARTS-46 - chart type "polar" does not exist (in highcharts)
    • ZKCHARTS-53 - DefaultXYModel removeValue() causes model data error after B-ZKCHARTS-19
    • ZKCHARTS-56 - model removeValue and addValue cause desynchronization with client
    • ZKCHARTS-60 - broken datetime axis with model
    • ZKCHARTS-69 - drill down failed with an error IndexOutOfBoundsException
    • ZKCHARTS-70 - Charts doesn't display uncompressed javascript source with debug-js true
    • ZKCHARTS-71 - polar chart with Options3D causes client side error
    • ZKCHARTS-72 - Show 15 series takes a long time
    • ZKCHARTS-74 - source map server error
    • ZKCHARTS-75 - License check fails in OSGI context

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