ZK Charts Release Notes

Released on Jul. 27, 2021

Version is released with 7 bug fixes and 6 new features. Highlight include upgrading the underlying Highcharts library to 7.2.2 and adding several Java API improvements contributed by contributor apicard.

ZK Charts 7 is a major release upgrading its underlying Highcharts library to version 7. More than 30 new, interactive charts are available in this new version, such as Streamgraph, Packed Bubble Chart, Bullet Graph, Honeycomb, Histogram, Parliament Chart and many more, making the collection more complete than ever!

ZK Charts brings a variety of charting options to your doorsteps, the intuitive API allows you to present your server-side data on the client as ZK Charts handles the client-server of data for you transparently.

Moreover, the comprehensive API provides all the client side functionality available to the developer from the server-side in Java. This is a distinct advantage to developers as it allows them to achieve their goals using mature technology they love.

What's New