ZK Pivottable 2.3.0 Release Notes

Released on June 7, 2016

ZK Pivottable 2.3.0 is a minor release mainly focusing on bug fixes.

ZK Pivottable is an Ajax data component, which takes raw data from a flat table (like tables in relational database) and organize them by desired categories arranged on columns and rows. ZK Pivottable brings the power of spreadsheet's pivot table to Java web applications, enabling developers to take advantage of a readymade component for presenting complex sets of data online.

Feature Highlights

  • Macro Component for Field Control
  • Customaizable Cell Style
  • Sizable Columns
  • Header Sorting
  • Filter Utility
  • An utility of input data filter is provided to assist refining the model data.
  • Zero to many row/column fields
  • One to many data fields
  • Open/close header node
  • Paging
  • Subtotal
  • Hide/show grand total
  • Events

  • Please see ZK Pivottable Product Page for more information


For more information, please go to the documentation

What's New

Bug fixes:
  • ZKPVT-88: export custom sheet names/order/visibility
  • ZKPVT-21: Data Table is not align correctly when TITLE_ROW contains a lot of information (fixed by ZKPVT-83)
  • ZKPVT-83: Column header height grows even it is not expanded
  • ZKPVT-84: Column labels missing when switching tab (fixed by ZKPVT-83)
  • ZKPVT-85: Cannot override sortTrees API in TabularPivotModel

Upgrade Notes
  • (ZKPVT-85) The hook method TabularPivotModel.sortTrees() was deprecated.
  • Alternative hook methods are provided:
  •        -TabularPivotModel.sortRowTree(SimplePivotHeaderTree)