ZK Spreadsheet Editions

ZK Spreadsheet OSE and ZK Spreadsheet EE
Category Features OSE EE
Embeddable Ajax Java Component Server-centric Architecture:
back-end Java technology readily accessible
Pure HTML (No browser extension needed)
Fully controllable in Java
Event driven interactivity
Customizable Theme
Skyline and Classic theme
Collaboration editing
Java bean binding
Use as a JSP tag
Use as a JSF component
Import/Export Import Excel XLS/XLSX Files
Export to Excel XLS/XLSX Files1
Export to PDF
Worksheet Display Display cell styles
Display cell borders
Display cell comment
Display cell fill pattern
Display Number/Date formatting
Display smart number "General" formatting2
Display Table with 61 built-in Table styles
Display text wrapping
Display text alignment
Display overflown text
Display indent text
Display vertical text
Display 90/-90 degree text
Display cell rich text3
Display hyperlink
Display multiple worksheets
Display conditional formatting
Worksheet Operation Cell content editing
Multiple-line cell content editing
Cell data validation3
Setup/Clear Data Validation3
Cell styling
Cell border styling
Cell Comment
Cell fill pattern
Cell Date/Number formatting
Cell Number/Formula in different locales4
Cell wrapping
Cell alignment
Cell hyperlink editing
Cell data filtering (number, text, date, color, etc.)3
Cell indent text
Cell rich text3
Cell rotate text
Paste special
Custom sort
Insert/Delete Row/Column/Cell
Merge/unmerge cells
AutoFill cells
Drag to Move Cells
Keystroke shortcuts
Drag to Hide/Show Row/Column
Drag to resize Row/Column Height/Width
Set Row/Column Height/Width
Hide/Unhide Row/Column
Cell operation Undo/Redo
Freeze columns and rows
New/copy/rename/delete/reorder Sheet
Hide sheet
Sheet Protection
Chart & Image Display various charts (Bar, Bar3D, Line, Line3D, Pie, Pie3D, Donut) imported from xls & xlsx files
Insert/Move/Delete chart
Display Image imported from xls & xlsx files
Insert/Move/Delete image
ZK Charts integration
Worksheet Customization Hide/Show headers
Hide/Show grid lines
Set maximum visible Rows/Columns
Worksheet Menu
Worksheet Utilities POI enhancements
User defined functions
3-D cell reference
External book reference
Table structured reference
Built-in Formula Functions Date & Time Functions 15 17
Engineering Functions 0 38
Financial Functions 7 44
Info Functions 12 15
Logical Functions 6 7
Lookup & Reference Functions 14 14
Mathematical Functions 49 59
Statistical Functions 20 40
Text Functions 19 23


1. Image/Chart export is supported in Excel 2007 xlsx format only.
2. The General format displays the number in proper precision per the width of its container cell.
3. This feature supports Excel xlsx format only.
4. Localized function names are not supported yet.

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