ZK Spreadsheet 2.2 Release Notes

~ The 1st embeddable Ajax spreadsheet for Java Web application!

Released on Jan 10, 2012.

ZK Spreadsheet is an embeddable Ajax spreadsheet that delivers rich functionalities of Excel within browsers using pure Java without the need for any plugins. ZK Spreadsheet 2.2 introduces hot new features including collaboration editing, chart and picture operations, locale-aware functionality and more.

New Feature Highlights

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What's New

  • New Features Tracker
    • ZSS-01: Support validation dropdown list
    • ZSS-13: Support Open hyperlink in a separate browser tab window
    • ZSS-26: Need css running in zk.wcs not css.dsp
    • ZSS-41: Support showing more charts: area, stacked area, scatter, bubble, stacked bar, stacked bar3d in 2007 file format(.xlsx)
    • ZSS-44: Support API to add a new chart in 2007 file format(.xlsx)
    • ZSS-45: Support API to add a new picture in 2007 file format(.xlsx)
    • ZSS-46: Support API to delete an existing picture in 2007 file format(.xlsx)
    • ZSS-47: Support API to move an existing picture in 2007 file format(.xlsx)
    • ZSS-48: Support API to move an existing chart in 2007 file format(.xlsx)
    • ZSS-49: ZSS Spreadsheet App shall support insert chart dynamically
    • ZSS-50: ZSS Spreadsheet App shall support insert image dynamically
    • ZSS-51: Support API to delete an existing chart in 2007 file format(.xlsx)
    • ZSS-54: Chart/Image widget shall be able to move, sizing and delete
    • ZSS-55: Auto filter dialog support search function
    • ZSS-58: Support collaboration editing with color cell selection focus box
    • ZSS-59: Formula editor support cancel button and apply button
    • ZSS-60: Editing formula support use mouse to select a cell or a selection
    • ZSS-62: ZPOI upgrade to POI 3.8 beta5
    • ZSS-64: ZK Spreadsheet App shall support sheet deletion collaboration
    • ZSS-66: POI row object should provide information about the height is changed by end user or not
    • ZSS-67: Support locale aware Date and Number input
    • ZSS-68: Support showing Date and Number with current locale
    • ZSS-69: Support locale aware drag fill for Month and Week
  • Bugs fixed
    • ZSS-15: edit date cells doesn't work
    • ZSS-20: Incorrect PDF export results if merged cell span across page breaks
    • ZSS-21: Right click on hyperlink should not jump to the link
    • ZSS-22: Shall not allow Copy and Paste operation in a protected spreadsheet
    • ZSS-24: key on numpad is not work on Opera
    • ZSS-27: Wrap text does not change row height to make all content visible
    • ZSS-29: Formula editor cursor not correctly positioned in different browser when focus changed when composing formula
    • ZSS-40: Press Ctrl+V for long time does not work correctly
    • ZSS-42: Export PDF, merged cell's border doesn't show up correctly
    • ZSS-43: Export PDF, sheet break, contains empty page
    • ZSS-52: Past special, copy column width's behavior doesn't correct
    • ZSS-56: Unlock a cell, protect sheet, cannot double click to edit the cell
    • ZSS-61: setSrc doesn't work on a empty spreadsheet
    • ZSS-65: When cell wrap, cell shall hide overflow text
    • ZSS-70: scroll down with freeze column, in freeze area, some row is empty
    • ZSS-71: Use preloadRowSize width column freeze, when scroll down very fast and multiple times in short time, doesn't work well
    • ZSS-72: Set one column freeze, and set preloadColumnSize, cause JS error
    • ZSS-73: Scroll down and scroll right, then scroll top, cause empty area
    • ZSS-74: Set maxcolumns 20 cause JS error
    • ZSS-75: Set book null, cause NPE
    • ZSS-76: Set data format cause NPE in US locale
    • ZSS-77: Drag fill Jan on new sheet, cause NPE
    • ZSS-78: Implementation of RangeImpl#setValue() is not correct
    • ZSS-79: zss JSF component cause JS error