ZK Spreadsheet 3.8.2 Release Note

The 1st embeddable Ajax spreadsheet for Java Web application!

Released on November 24, 2015.

ZK Spreadsheet is an embeddable Ajax spreadsheet that delivers rich functionalities of Excel within browsers using pure Java without the need for any plugins.

Version 3.8.2 is an upgrade release introducing new features, such as more date formats, inserting "Place In Document" hyperlinks, importing conditional formatting rules, and many more!

Feature Highlights

What's New

  • New Features Tracker
    • ZSS-807: Support to load the document hyperlink and work like Excel
    • ZSS-1114: Automatically ignore duplicate merged region when importing
    • ZSS-1121: Declare methods as protected for importers and exporters
    • ZSS-1126: Value() supports date format like 2015-09-05
    • ZSS-1127: Smart input can convert such date input "2015-09-20" into the date format in US locale
    • ZSS-1130: Support to import conditional formatting rules (XLSX only)
    • ZSS-1137: Support insert "Place In Document" hyperlink.
    • ZSS-1140: Support import extra styles (dxfs) into SBook(XLSX only).
    • ZSS-1141: Support to export conditionalFormatting rules (XLSX only)
    • ZSS-1145: Support exporting Dxf styles (XLSX only).
  • Bugs fixed
    • ZSS-1102: Unexpected bottom border line in Table
    • ZSS-1109: The selection box should jump to last filled cell through consecutive filled data when using ctrl + arrow
    • ZSS-1115: Encounter "Warning: Unresponsive script" in Firefox when setting massive cells
    • ZSS-1116: Wrap a cell which is not in the visible area doesn't work
    • ZSS-1117: Merged cells are shifted after scrolling
    • ZSS-1118: Line breaks splitting words in spreadsheet - regular spaces replaces by nbsp
    • ZSS-1120: Fails to export named styles
    • ZSS-1123: ZSS always shows time out warning when reloading every time
    • ZSS-1132: ExcelXlsxExporter always exports columns as custom width
    • ZSS-1134: IE9 only. ScrollPanel position sometimes wrongly reset to 0,0.
    • ZSS-1135: Gridline doesn't appear after exporting
    • ZSS-1138: Rich text is lost after importing
    • ZSS-1147: Data validation / browser locale issue
    • ZSS-1149: ZSS renders cell borders incorrectly
    • ZSS-1150: IE9 only. Underscore("_") not seen when bottom vertical alignment
    • ZSS-1151: IE9 only. Row height is unresonable large
    • ZSS-1152: IE9 only. Lift the IE9 StyleSheet upper limit (4095 selectors per style sheet)
    • ZSS-1155: Space gone in Vertical rotated text (rotate == 255)
  • Upgrade Notes
    • ZK Spreadsheet 3.8.2 is suggested to use with ZK
    • Default period for automatically saving in zssapp is 15 minutes.
    • Zssapp supports saving all in-memory saved book when server is shutting down.
    • org.zkoss.zss.model.SCellStyle.BorderType has been moved to org.zkoss.zss.model.SBorder.BorderType; thus APIs that pass the BorderType as a parameter will have to be modified accordingly.
    • org.zkoss.zss.model.SCellStyle.FillPattern has been moved to org.zkoss.zss.model.SFill.FillPattern; thus APIs that pass the FillPattern as a parameter will have to be modified accordingly.