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  • Author
    Dennis Chen, Engineer, Potix Corporation
  • Date
    February 4, 2008
  • Version

In this release, we not only support fabulous cell styles but also load-on-demand while loading the spreadsheet data.

Various Cell Styles

In this version, ZK Spreadsheet supports various styles, the following table is the styles supported.

Font : Includes Font, Font Color, Font Style[Bold, Italic, Underline and Strike Through]
Background : Includes Background Color
Border : Includes Border Style[Solid, Dashed and Doted], Border Color

You can view the effect in the following demo.

Loads Cell on Demand for Large Sheet

In order to handle large spreadsheets efficiently, an intelligent load-on-demand algorithm is implemented.

In the following demo, it loads a large amount of data whose size is 1000x50, but the way it loads data is smooth.

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