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  • Author
    Peter Kuo, Engineer, Potix Corporation
  • Date
    June 8, 2011
  • Version
    ZK Studio 1.0.1


This is an outline of the new features in ZK Studio 1.0.1.

For more details, please refer to ZK Studio Essentials, a centralized document about ZK Studio.

Full Function ZK Studio without Activation

If you don't activate, it won't block any functionality. But ZK studio still prompt you to activate it every 7 days.

Features Inherited From Previous Releases

ZK Studio 1.0.1 inherits features available in previous releases, such as:

  • ZK Style Designer
  • ZUL Component Palette
  • WYSIWYG Editor
  • ZK Component Outline View
  • ZK Component Properties View

Please refer to Small_Talks/2009/December/ZK_Studio_New_Features for more details.


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