Use JavaBean in Excel with ZK Spreadsheet 2.0.0

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Use JavaBean in Excel with ZK Spreadsheet 2.0.0

Tony Wang, Engineer, Potix Corporation
Nov 4, 2010
Applicable to ZK 5.0.4 and later
Applicable to ZK Spreadsheet 2.0.0 EE and later

In this article, we will demonstrate how ZK Spreadsheet use external variables directly via Variable-Resolver.


In How to Build a Rich Excel Report with ZK Spreadsheet, we demonstrate how to use name ranges to integrate data from Excel into ZK framework and vice versa. In this article, we will solve it with a more powerful feature - Variable-Resolver. Instead of saving values with defining name ranges and refreshing values of cells with method setCellValue, you only need to assign bean name in cells of Excel to get the data from the server side! In other words, values in cells will be refreshed dynamically by reloading data of bean!

Let's start to build an application for calculating balance sheet with Variable-Resolver.

Live Demo

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How to Build a Template Using Excel

Define the Layout Template in Excel

You can design the format of Excel data:


Input External Variable in Spreadsheet

Input bean and its data names in BalanceSheet.xls, such as dataBean.item, dataBean.liquidAssets, dataBean.fundInvestment etc.

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Get Values via Variable-Resolver


  <listbox id="quarter" mold="select" rows="1" onSelect="refreshQuarter()">
  	<listitem value="0" label="Select"/>
  	<listitem value="1" label="Quarter 1"/>
  	<listitem value="2" label="Quarter 2"/>
  	<listitem value="3" label="Quarter 3"/>
  	<listitem value="4" label="Quarter 4"/>
	import model.Database;
	import model.DataBean;
	void refreshQuarter() {
		Listitem listitem = quarter.getSelectedItem();
		int quarter = Integer.parseInt(listitem.value);
		//Resolve variable data bean via ZssVariableResolver
		//Call the method to refresh values of cells String[]{"dataBean"});
	void reloadQuarter(int quarter,DataBean dataBean){
		//Call the method to reload data
		new Database().reloadQuarter(quarter,dataBean);
	DataBean dataBean = new DataBean();
	//initial data
	dataBean = new Database().reloadQuarter(0, dataBean);
 <spreadsheet id="balance" src="/BalanceSheet.xls" maxrows="40" maxcolumns="20" height="600px" width="1300px"/>


In recent release of ZK Spreadsheet, developers can even bind Java Bean into a spreadsheet application as a data. That means you can got data from database or otherwhere ,so you can do more data control .It's really helpful for use a exists Excel file as template , and show dynamic data online.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to leave comments here or post to ZK forum.



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