New Features of ZK 5.0.8

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New Features of ZK 5.0.8

Timothy Clare, Technology Evangelist, Potix Corporation
August 31, 2011
ZK 5.0.8

ZK 5.0.8 is a maintenance release focusing on fixing bugs and releasing new improved features for ZK components.

Databinding composer instead of initiator

With ZK 5.0.8 users can avoid having to set a page initializer for the annotated databinder by defining a dedicated Composer – AnnotateDataBindingComposer. The code of is simple and easy to read and understand.

<window  apply="org.zkoss.demo.MyComposer,org.zkoss.zkplus.databind.AnnotateDataBindingComposer">

For more information please take a look at the associated blog.

JasperReports now upgraded to JasperReports4

ZK has upgraded the included JasperReports to JasperReports 4.

For more information on JasperReports 4 changes click here.

Locale improvements for components

Datebox and Timebox

By default the real format depends on the current Locale (i.e., Locales.getCurrent()). However, developers can now manually specify the locale.

<datebox format="medium+full" locale="de_DE"/>
<datebox format="long" locale="fr"/>

<timebox format="medium" locale="de_DE"/>
<timebox format="long" locale="fr"/>

This has been enhanced in 5.0.8 and the output now uses the locale's language as well as the format.

NewFeaturesOfZK5.0.8 Locale.png

For more information please see the Datebox and Timebox documentation.

Decimals, integers, long and double components

The Decimalbox, Intbox, Longbox, Doublebox, DoubleSpinner and Spinner have all been upgraded to enable users to specify different locales.

A method to prevent the use of zscript in a project

ZScript is employed to great effect for prototyping purposes, however, when moving into production systems development teams prefer to use compiled Java code for the performance increase and the better clustering support.

Therefore ZK 5.0.8 introduces a system which enables developers to turn off zscript thus guaranteeing that an application cannot use it. This can be achieved using a system configuration property.


For more information please visit our ZK Configuration Reference and ZK Developer's Reference

Allow users to specify the error-box position

With ZK 5.0.8 users can now specify the position of the error box. This is done by setting the constraint followed by a comma and then the position. For example:

<textbox constraint="no empty, end_after"/>
<textbox constraint="no empty, start_before"/>

Possible values include end_before, end_after, after_start and after_end.

For more information and other possible values please refer to the ZK Component Reference.

A way to name the composer GenericAutowireComposer

In ZK 5.0.8 it is now possible to specify the name of the composer using an called composerName. For example,

<window apply="MyComposer">
    <custom-attributes composerName="mc"/> <!-- name the composer as mc -->

    <textbox value="${mc.title}"/>

For more information please visit the ZK Developer Reference.


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