New Features of ZK Studio 1.0.1

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New Features of ZK Studio 1.0.1

Peter Kuo, Engineer, Potix Corporation
June 8, 2011
ZK Studio 1.0.1

This is an outline of the new features in ZK Studio 1.0.1.

For more details, please refer to ZK Studio Essentials, a centralized document about ZK Studio.

Full Function ZK Studio without Activation

If you don't activate, it won't block any functionality. But ZK studio still prompt you to activate it every 7 days.

Features Inherited From Previous Releases

ZK Studio 1.0.1 inherits features available in previous releases, such as:

  • ZK Style Designer
  • ZUL Component Palette
  • WYSIWYG Editor
  • ZK Component Outline View
  • ZK Component Properties View

Please refer to Small_Talks/2009/December/ZK_Studio_New_Features for more details.


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