New Features of ZK Spreadsheet 3.0.0

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New Features of ZK Spreadsheet 3.0.0

Hawk Chen
November 5, 2013
ZK Spreadsheet 3.0.0


ZK Spreadsheet is an AJAX component that delivers Excel-like experience to your browser. Version 3.0.0 contains several new features and various bug fixes.

New Features

Support Different Zoom Level

Spreadsheet now supports viewing in different zoom level. You can change zoom level within a browser according to your need.

The screenshot below is a Spreadsheet which is zoomed to 150%.


Override Built-in Functions

Since this version, you can create a custom function which has the same name as a built-in function (e.g. SUM, MAX) to override its implementation. To know how to create your own function, please refer to Custom Formula Functions.

Displaying Chart/Picture in Freeze Panel

Since 3.0.0, Spreadsheet can display a chart (or a picture) inside a frozen area.

Configurable Chart's Font

Sometimes default font might not display your language properly, Spreadsheet now allows you to specify fonts used in charts globally. There are 3 parts of a chart where you can specify its font: title, legend, and x axis tick. Each part has a corresponding library property that you can specify its font family, weight, and size in zk.xml.


	<value>sansserif, italic, 30</value>

For complete information, please refer to Configuration.

Configurable Color Picker

Users can now set library property, org.zkoss.zss.useColorPickerEx, in zk.xml to specify which color picker to use in the whole application. This property only works under Spreadsheet EE. If it's true, Spreadsheet uses ColorPicker of EE, false it uses OSE's ColorPicker.

ColorPicker of EE:


ColorPicker of OSE:


Example in zk.xml


For complete information, please refer to Configuration.

API Change

Based on ZK Spreadsheet version 3.0.0 RC, there's only one minor API change in this version, please refer to the following:

CellStyleApplier and FontStyleApplier

The interface CellOperationUtil.CellStyleApplier was simplified and FontStyleApplier was removed and replaced by CellStyleApplier directly. If you still need the visit logic of this utility, please refer to original implementation at github.


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