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  1. InputAgent.type() works correctly on all components except Datebox and Timebox in ZK 6 based project?
    Check if zats-mimic-ext6.jar exists in your project's classpath. If your project depends on ZK 6, you should include that jar.
  2. Why a unit test failed when starting up and occurred "NoSuchMethodError" or "ClassNotFoundException" on javax.servlet.xxx?
    ZATS mimic uses Jetty server (lite version) to emulate whole servlet container environment for testing. If your class path contains any servlet.jar, it will cause Jetty server to load wrong servlet.jar. You should exclude any servlet.jar from your class path when you running ZATS mimic test.
  3. Why my composer or zul cannot get Spring beans?
    You need to provide your custom web.xml which contains Spring context listener configuration to run the test case. Please refer to Custom WEB-INF Path.
  4. Why do I get an error: java.lang.IllegalStateException: No WebApplicationContext found: no ContextLoaderListener registered?
    See question 3.

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